Industries & Applications

Pet & Equine

Granat Industries has everything you need to create all types of products for our four-legged friends! We stock a vast assortment of colors of nylon webbing for collars, harnesses, leashes, and halters. We have all the buckles, adjusters and snap hooks you desire, including a variety of colors and even aluminum buckles! We can help you make the best products to make some seriously stylish pups and kitties!


Granat Industries is proud to supply manufacturers of innovative and essential medical and rehabilitation products across the country. Our hardware, webbing, hook and loop fastener, and elastic can be found on restraint and immobilizer straps, rehabilitation aids, and personal protective equipment (PPE). Let us help you find the perfect solution to any of your medical product manufacturing needs.

Military & Law Enforcement

Granat Industries carries a vast selection of hardware and materials which can be used to manufacture a variety of products for military and law enforcement application. Holster clips, snap hooks and webbing for slings, military spec buckles and webbing.

Outdoors & Hunting

Granat Industries carries everything you need to manufacture all sorts of gear for use in the great outdoors! We stock all the webbing, buckles, and adjusters to create the perfect hiking backpack and rifle sling.

Sports Netting

Granat industries is a major supplier of affixation hardware to the largest netting manufactures in the USA. From Driving ranges, batting cages and sports stadiums to construction sites and manufacturing facilities, our hardware helps keep people safe from falls, projectiles, and flying objects all over the country. We stock millions of carabiners and snap hooks in a wide variety of sizes and finishes to meet you exact need in netting affixation.


We have many marine applications for our products, contact us to learn more.


Granat Industries can help you get your next big event… tent off the ground! We have a large selection of hardware and webbing to help you create the perfect event tent. We stock a large amount of white webbing, snap hooks, and buckles to keep you tent looking great as well as tent stakes, pins, ratchet buckles, metal snap hooks and hook and loop fastener.

Bags & Cases

At Granat industries we have a full complement of supplies for your bag and case manufacturing needs. We stock handles, latches, corners, and rivets for hard case manufacturing as well as metal and plastic buckles, adjusters, rings, and other accessories for backpacks, duffle bags, and other soft sided case applications.

Cargo Tie Down

Granat industries specializes in all the hardware and webbing you need to create your ideal cargo tie down solution! We have a variety of sizes of ratchet buckle, cam buckle, and tourniquet style buckle, as well a vast selection of hooks and clips to meet your securing needs.

Insulation Blankets

Granat industries is proud to service the fastening needs of the largest industrial insulation blanket manufacturers in the country. Our hardware and hook and loop fastener can be found on insulation blankets in oil refineries, power plants, and a wide variety of other industrial applications. We offer high quality stainless steel rings that can stand up to the elements and punishing conditions of even the most demanding application.